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W@Privacy event - AI and personal data: dispelling the myths of a love and hate relationship

AI and machine learning are increasingly used in our daily lives to predict behaviors, assist human decisions or take automated decisions that may impact us individually or collectively. Often, algorithms are trained with personal data which some argue it may even be a success factor for the efficiency of algorithmic models. Personal data must also be protected under the GDPR and its core principles of transparency, purpose limitation or data minimization. In parallel, the European Commission is preparing legislation that will be grounded in the protection of personal data as well as other fundamental rights such as non-discrimination.

How do we move forward in the AI world taking into account and reconciling all these seemingly conflicting requirements?

3 March 2021, 3-4pm CET - please join us to Women AT Privacy's second panel discussion.


  • Kari Laumann, Project Manager AI Sandbox at the Norwegian Data Protection Authority
  • Gemma Galdón, CEO and Founder of Eticas Research and Consulting
  • Ivana Bartoletti, Technical Director Privacy, Deloitte
  • Gry Hasselbalch, co-founder, Senior researcher and advisor on data, power and ethics

Moderator: Giorgia Vulcano, EU Privacy Counsel, Coca-Cola 

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