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Quick guide to renting the open-air cinéma

This is the information for preparing a cycle-in cinéma with the People Pedal Power of Vélo M². Don’t hesitate to contact us at info@velom2.be if you have any questions.


The movie

If you chose a movie that is not free of rights, you can register your event with Liberation Films or Bevrijdings films. Follow their instructions here or here.


The place
We need a space for 4 cyclists, the cargo bike with the modules and a location to hang the screen.


The material
When the event is planned outside, we like to have a rain cover (we are still in Belgium). An electrical plug is not required, but it can be handy.


The bikes
The cinema is powered by 4 cyclists, a priori we ask you to provide 3 bikes on the spot. Bikes cannot have a rear wheel with a quick release system (see pictures below). You need at least one bike with a 26″ wheel, i.e. a mountain bike size wheel. It is advisable to have smooth tires to avoid rolling noise. If you have problems finding the appropriate bikes, you can contact us.


See this document : People Pedal Power Practical information

The event announcement
We ask you to put a correct reference on you website, facebook event, poster/flyer with our name Vélo M² and our website http://www.velom2.be.

This form allows to make a reservation for your event. It is in no way binding.

Who, when, where
e-mail, telephone, website, ...
You can check our availabilities on our calendar.
You can check sun down times for an open-air cinéma www.meteo.be.
Keep in mind that your organization provides 3 bicycles on the spot. See www.velom2.be/hire for more information.
Find more info on how to prepare an open-air cinéma on www.velom2.be/hire If you have problems with providing the bikes, we can discuss solutions.
Specify other needs, your idea or any questions you have left.

After this first step we'll contact you to confirm the event. Don't hesitate to contact us at info@velom2.be or +32(0)497 25 39 18.

We're looking forward !

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