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VAMOS JUNTAS! English Version

Our House is on Fire.

Every day I face two different realities. In the news, I hear about new climate action plans, adaptation and mitigation strategies. It’s all gonna be okay. In the following news, I am faced with another fire, floods, hunger, droughts, forced migrations, deaths. It won't all be okay.

 We are heading towards total collapse, guided by Governments and fossil companies.

I feel we are being driven to collapse. I no longer accept being deceived and endangered by those who govern us. I don't want to wait for more fires like those in Pedrógão Grande, droughts like in Odemira, floods like in Madeira (Big fires Portugal experienced).

We have to simultaneously rescue workers and the planet.

The future is in our hands. It is up to us to guarantee the collapse of fossil capitalism before it guarantees ours.

 November 18th we are going to block the Galp Refinery in Sines.

We demand its planned closure and a fair transition, something that will never happen with Galp and the government at the helm - as the closure of the Matosinhos Refinery proves.

1 Against total collapse, VAMOS JUNTAS (WE GO TOGETHER!) 2 Terminé
No one else will do it but us in a strong movement for climate justice.
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