Unofficial Rust Async/await survey

Disclaimer: this is not an official Rust survey, and I'm not endorsed in any way by the Rust core team. Moreover this poll, like every poll ever, is obviously biased, even if I tried hard to make it as neutral as possible. Though, I still think it can helpful, since this kind of format may be able to reach a wider audience than the RFC threads or the internal Rust forum.

The goal of this survey is to collect feelings about the different proposed syntax for the await operation in the comming async/await adition to Rust.

The context (from :

The problem of precedence between the “await” keyword, and the “?” operator

Before taking this survey, it is advised, but not mandatory, to read the “Async/await syntax write-up”(pastebin link, for people who can't access the origin version, hosted on dropbox) and "the associated rust internal forum thread.

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How do you “feel” about the proposed syntaxes
Assuming we have a `http::get` function returning `Future>`, with `Response` having a method `to_string`. How do you like the following ways to call the `to_string` method of the `Response`.
let str_response = (await http::get(url))?.to_string();
let str_response = await http::get(url)?.to_string();
let str_response = (await? http::get(url)).to_string();
let str_response = http::get(url).await?.to_string();
let str_response = http::get(url).await()?.to_string();
let str_response = http::get(url).await!()?.to_string();
let str_response = http::get(url)@?.to_string();
let str_response = await { http::get(url) }?.to_string();
let str_response = (try await http::get(url)).to_string();
let str_response = http::get(url) await?.to_string();

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