Tomorrow's Stories Festival - Call for projects - Registration form

Before completing the registration form, please gather all the elements you will need : 

For the project :

  • Title, genre, technique, category
  • Short outline (300 characters maximum) and long
  • Broadcast year, duration, language
  • Support and broadcasting platform
  • Interactivity: Yes or No
  • Links to the project, the trailer, teaser and clips of the project

For the rights holders :

  • AUTHOR.S : Last name, First name, Bio (300 characters max), Filmography
  • DIRECTOR.S : if different from authors : Name, First name, Email, Phone number, Bio (300 characters max), Filmography
  • PRODUCER.S : Name, First Name, Bio (300 characters max), Filmography

Responsible for registration: Name, First name, Email, Phone number

Please read the terms and conditions here

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