Theme for Godot Jam – June 2018

In this poll(1), you can vote for your preferred theme for the upcoming Godot Community Game Jam – June 2018 starting on Friday 15 June.

The proposed themes were taken from those suggested by the community, based on their popularity or, for the most recent proposals, hand-picked.

In this poll, you may only select one theme. The results will be announced when the jam starts on Friday 15 June at 18:00 UTC.

(1) Which is by the way powered by free and open source software and hosted without tracking nor ads by Framasoft, thanks to them. (Drawback is that this instance is in French, press "Soumettre" to submit your vote :))

The results will not be disclosed before the start of the Godot Jam – June 2018 on Friday 12 June at 18:00 UTC. You can pick only one entry. Votes are anonymous.

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