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Témoignages sensibilisation Polyquity

Hello, thank you for your trust and your bravery <3 Our testimonials project aims to share them, if you agree, on our instagram @payetonepfl, in an awareness exhibition in the spring semester 2021 and possibly with the EPFL to raise awareness about the discrimination on our campus. If you change your mind or would like to modify your testimonial, do not hesitate to write to us ( ! You can choose how your testimony will be used, you can also just write it to us to give you a voice and for us to listen to you without anything happening with it. 

Note: in case we consider that you are in serious immediate danger, we reserve the right to contact the DSPS of the EPFL or the police. For the rest, we guarantee your anonymity. 

On our website you can find resources on the listening channels available at the EPFL:


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