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Registration to webinar on the Open Science certification (PhD students, UP)

In partnership with the Collège des Écoles Doctorales, the Libraries of the University of Paris is offering PhD students the opportunity to follow a course leading to an "Open Science" certificate. The course is open to all PhD students who are enrolled in a thesis in a doctoral school affiliated to the University of Paris. 

A presentation webinar is scheduled for Tuesday the 16 of November from 5 to 6 pm on Zoom. To express your interest in participating in the certification process and receive the link of the webinar, please answer this form.

Here is the full programme of the Open Science course :


You can indicate your motivation to participate in the certification here. This form does not commit you to anything, it is a survey that allows the trainers to have visibility on the number of people interested. You can change your mind!

Thank you

Pole Appui à la formation, Direction générale déléguée des bibliothèques et musées, Université de Paris, 

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