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#PrivacyCamp20 Technology and Activism - 21 January 2020

 Location:  LaVallee (Rue Adolphe Lavallée 39, 1080 Brussels, Belgium)

For the 8th edition, Privacy Camp takes “Technology and Activism” as its focus. Over the last decade, digital technologies have played a significant role in activism by mobilising social protests, fostering new forms of civil disobedience, or simply by facilitating the coordination of activist work in the analogue world. Together with activists from diverse fields and scholars working at the intersection of technology and activism, #PrivacyCamp20 will cover a broad range of practices and issues including surveillance, censorship, civic participation in information policy making, social media and political dissent, online civil disobedience, data justice, data activism, commons and peer production, citizen science and more.

Please note that #PrivacyCamp20 sessions will be video recorded. If you are in the audience and wish not be be captured, we facilitate a blind corner.

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