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Registration for the Virtual Meeting of Afrique One-ASPIRE 2021

The programme Afrique One-ASPIRE (2016-2021) looks back on five years of implementation research and capacity strengthening in One Health.

Afrique One-ASPIRE has focused on five Thematic Training Programmes or Themes: (i) Rabies elimination, (ii) control of Brucella, (iii) managing environmental and zoonotic Mycobacteria, (iv) Foodborne Diseases and nutritional illness and (v) Surveillance Response of zoonotic disease. All five research groups will have the opportunity to share their findings in 10-15 oral presentations. Furthermore, learnings from research capacity strengthening in One Health will also be presented with 5 oral presentation that cover (i) . Capacity strengthening in One Health in Africa, (ii) Awareness and behavioural interventions in Africa, (iii) Policy, media and public engagement (iv) tools and methods for monitoring One Health interventions (v) Operationalisations of One Health in Africa.

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