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Registration DFTK school 2022

Thank you for your interest in the DFTK school Numerical methods for density-functional-theory simulations taking place from 29th till 31st August 2022 at the Jussieu campus of Sorbonne Université in Paris, France. Currently we plan this as an on-site event. For more details see the DFTK school website.

To register for the event please fill out the following form. For PhD students there is also a limited budget for travel / accomodation support to which you can apply.

Deadline for the registration is 30th April 2022.

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General information
Please select the closest matches.
Materials / solid-state physics *
Density-functional theory *
Plane-wave discretisations *
Any common plane-wave DFT code (ABINIT, VASP, QuantumEspresso, etc.) *
Numerical linear algebra *
Numerical analysis *
Julia programming *
Please let us know how comfortable you feel with these topics. Please select unknown if this is the first time you see this term and expert if you are actively researching this topic.
Can you briefly describe your motivation for attending the school?
Organisational aspects
We have limited funds to support accommodation and local expenses of young researchers (PhD/Master students). Please let us know if you want to apply for funding.
We will organise lunches for the group. Please let us know if there are dietary restrictions we should consider.
Space for any comments, suggestions or questions you want us to know about.
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