Registration - CJA Meeting - Amsterdam 2018

It's been a while but we're delighted to annonce that CJA is back! Our last meeting was in Amsterdam in Febraury 2016 and we're returning for the weekend of 12-14 January 2018. So nearly two years have passed since we last met and things have changed a lot since then. Despite the changes people have continued to mobilise for Climate Justice throughout Europe and beyond. This new meeting will be an opportunity to look back at the successful actions/mobilisations and to try to build future moments for us to share together. To help us organise things it would be great if people could register (especially for accodomation and food), you don't need to give real names just real numbers of people!

You don't need to give us your real name, we just need to know how many people will be there.
We would like to be able to contact you for specific questions, if something is not clear to us. If you prefer not to insert your contact address in this form, we understand. We would still love to be able to contact you though, so could you in that case send an e-mail to with "CJA meeting" in the topic? Thanks for that :)
Same comment as above - please include country code! :)
In the case that you prefer another type of accommodation, please tick the third, fourth or fifth box, and write in the comments below what we can do for you (eg. if you would feel safer in a woman only room, if you need to sleep in a bed because of a physical issue, if you need to sleep in a room with your children, ...)
And please make sure you have provided your contact details (or you send to, so we can contact you for follow-up!
We won't refund plane tickets but car, bus train, bike and horse is ok. If you want to talk about it, you can join us :

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