We are rebelling because we love the living. This spring, the national rebellion blooms for us to imagine and experiment new ways of living together, in connection with the world around us. Let us sow the seeds of action and cultivate activities that are creative, inspiring and generous, leading us towards a healthier and more resilient way of life.

The festival will take place over four days, from the 16th to the 19th of April 2020. The first three days are dedicated to the three demands of Extinction Rebellion. The fourth day is dedicated to regenerative culture. This being said, regenerative culture events will take place over the entire duration of the rebellion.

You are invited to initiate a project by ticking the corresponding box in the table below. You can then use the questionnaire below to detail the project proposal.

By filling in this form, you are commiting to coordinating a project for the XR village. We are counting on you to be present and motivated! We will contact you thereafter to confirm or not the project.

The deadline for submitting a proposal is the 1st of April. Of course, earlier is better! This will allow us to have an overall view of the programme and help coordinate all your beautiful ideas. All activities are welcome! Feel free to submit a detailed plan or simply an outline of the idea. Your commitment is what matters!

1 Début 2 Terminé
Gatherings for the rebels, in the village or around the city (Workshops, trainings, activities, etc)NVDA Actions parallel to the village (Let's try to avoid die-ins, swarmings, road blocks, be creative!)Events for the public of Geneva (conferences, workshops, debates, etc)Regenerative culture proposal for a project (workshops, concerts, etc)
16.04.20 - Tell the truth - Declaring the emergency
17.04.20 - Act now - Net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2025
18.04.20 - Beyond politics - Citizens Assembly
19.04.20 - Regenerative culture
Project description
If for any reason you are unable to fill out part of this form, please write a question mark or ask us a question directly.
Regenerative culture project

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