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Ph0wn 2021 Registration

Coming to Ph0wn 2021? We'll be glad to welcome you!
Please fill in this form, it won't be too long. And it's worth it, we promise :)

Important: due to high demand, all registrations are now on a waiting list. We'll explain at the end what that means, but in short, we do everything we can to get you in, but there is a risk we can't accomodate you. We hope not.

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Hello !
Registering helps us count how many lunch boxes we order :)
We prefer not to keep real names in our databases :) Please provide this identifier/nickname at Ph0wn's Welcome Desk. If you are registering for an entire team, this is the right place to put your team's name. Don't worry, you can change it on the day of Ph0wn.
We will contact you on this email for latest news on Ph0wn 2021. You don't have to supply an email if you don't want to, but then if something changes (e.g duration of a workshop), we can't notify you. Make sure to follow us on Twitter @ph0wn.
If you are registering for a team, how many people in your team? (5 max). If you are registering individually leave seat number to 1 :)
You've registered, but you can't come? or your team needs less seats? That's perfectly fine but we really appreciate you let us know (the sooner, the better, but even on the day of ph0wn it's helpful for us).
New: this year we are launching a Badge Contest! Read about it here: Do you intend to compete? If so, let us know! Note that you can change your mind until the last moment. This is just for us to get an estimated amount of competitors.
Ph0wn 2021 Workshops (optional)
Details for workshops at Please understand that when you register for a workshop, we expect you to show up ;-) If you can't please send us an email at The number of seats for each of those workshops is limited. Please supply a valid email to receive confirmation of subscription. Reciprocally, if a workshop has too few attendees, it may be cancelled. We'll notify you too (if you supplied a valid email).
COVID & Security
Please also take time to read our Code of Conduct , CTF Rules, and Badge Competition rules
Ph0wn CTF takes place in Sophia Antipolis, France.
Hey! In previous editions, we had quite a couple of registrations from abroad, teams intending to play remotely. This is simply not possible at Ph0wn CTF: you need physical access to many devices. We want this to be clear to you :)
Normally, if you don't show up by 5.30pm we release your seat. But if you are coming from far away and have train/flight delay, we can make an exception for you. If this happens, please drop us an email at At 2am, at the end of Ph0wn, there are no longer any local buses. Please see We encourage you to share cars if that's possible for you.
Very optional stuff
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