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Open Letter Regarding KU Leuven's Arenbergsymposium on 2021-11-24

Under the title "CO2 is in the air," KU Leuven's Faculty of Engineering Science together with the Alumni Ingenieurs are organising the "Van Cauteren -- Dutré Arenbergsymposium 2021." The current agenda of the symposium makes it clear that the event is set up to give two corporations, ExxonMobil and ArcelorMittal, a platform to greenwash their track record of climate change denial, causing pollution, and human rights violations. A group of KU Leuven researchers and civil society organisations have drafted an open letter to demand from the organisers to change the format of the event to truthfully represent climate science and the role of these corporations, and to explain their motives and funding ties with the two corporations.

With this form you can co-sign the open letter.

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