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MOUNTAIN MAKERS OPEN DOOR 2022 (Experimenta by Vulca)

Every summer and for a week, Mountain Makers association invites European Makers to the village of Manzat and its surroundings to come and carry out activities related to the makerspace.

We hope the makers will discover our region and in return make local citizens aware of how the makers movement can make a change! It is also an opportunity for you to learn more about the Mountain Makers model that will be partially based on residency makers (after renovation, up to 6 international residents can stay on-site at the same period of time)

The programme of the week will depend on what participants want to learn or/and provide as workshops/activities/Training.

Also, the Vulca board will be there to provide training to help you to understand how to find residency opportunities or/and how to launch your own experience of residency.

The next open door week will be between the 7th of July and 14th August 2022 in Manzat.

This year 20 places are available.
About logistics, just manage to reach Clermont-Ferrand which is the main city nearby Manzat, then one of us will pick you up in a car.

Our local contact (Alexandre Rousselet) is happy to host and welcome you in the village.
Please register here and Alexandre will contact you back very soon


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