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LUSTED MEN - 2021 Open Collection of Erotic Photographs of Men*

Born in 2019, Lusted Men is a collective engaging with eroticization of men*’s bodies. At the crossroads of art, research and manifesto, Lusted Men took the shape of a call for photographs opened to all, amateurs and professionals. Lusted Men is creating a visual archive of contemporary intimacies which fosters and spreads more playful, inclusive and a freer representations of men*. 

The Lusted Men archive gathers up more than 400 photographers and 2000 photographs and testimonies. Divided in annual collections, the Lusted Men archive aims at being presented during exhibitions, events, social media, printed editions and press. This form stands for property rights authorization, according to the following conditions. Naturally we do not request exclusivity in the use of your pictures, you remain the owner of intellectual property rights.

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Lusted Men is at the crossroads between art and research, which is why your words about your photographic practice are so important to us. These testimonials, like photographs, are meant to be made public. However, if you wish to entrust parts of your work that will not be published, please indicate this in the questionnaire.

Thank you for your interest and trust. More information is available at and

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*identifying as such


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1 Contact information 2 Photographs collect 3 Authorizations 4 Testimonies, all answers to the following questions are essential for us to understand the context of creation and the part that these pictures play in social interactions. 5 Personal profile 6 Conditions Générales d'Utilisation 7 Terminé
Comment souhaitez-vous être crédité·e ? Ce nom sera associé aux images et aux témoignages concernant votre pratique photographique dans le cadre de leur diffusion.

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