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List of the Best US Universities for Chinese Students


Some universities are better than others for Chinese students to apply to. It could be because of their surroundings, their populations, or something else entirely.

Northeastern University - Boston

This university is very popular with students from China, as the web site 代写 PandaScholar shows. One possible reason for this is the scholarships that Northeastern offers. Unlike other universities, they are open to foreign students. This can raise the appeal of a school significantly. 

Another reason is the high number of other students from China. Part of the reason to go out of the country for a degree is to experience a new culture. It can be quite lonely as a student though, even for those who are not from overseas. Having people from the same country around is always comforting. 

Carnegie Mellon University - Pittsburgh

This university is very popular among Chinese students. It has a very good Chinese program that can give people an edge in the world of business. This program is also a good way to get an outsider’s view of China and Asia. This can be very helpful for anybody who wants to get a wider view of their country.

Carnegie university also runs a very successful peer mentoring program. This pairs foreign students up with domestic students, to help people integrate into their new schedule. It works very well. It would definitely draw some students in on its own.

Columbia University in the City of New York

This is very popular with Chinese students in the US because it is primarily focused on graduate research. Most people focus on attracting undergraduate students. This university is good for postgrads!

The university has a diverse range of students, from all over the world. It also has a Chinese student group. This gives Chinese students the best of both worlds – they can mix with students from a range of cultures. They can also enjoy the company of people from their own culture. It is the best of both worlds, while in a very culturally diverse city. An absolutely perfect for studying in!

New York University - New York

This university sees the most applications for universities from Chinese students. New York University has people from many different countries. The single largest population of overseas students is from China.

This is only set to grow bigger because New York University has just opened a new campus on the Chinese mainland. The Shanghai campus is just opened and has a full complement of students on board. This collaboration between New York University and China is not found anywhere else in the US. This new university will allow Chinese students to get the feel of a foreign university, without needing to leave home.

University of Southern California

Chinese students in America will often go to the University of Southern California. They will join a large group of people from their own country, while also experiencing American culture. What probably draws a lot of students is the Chinese Students and Scholars Association, which is ratified by the Chinese consulate in the area.

Where will you Go?


Which university will you choose? The universities above are the best, but it depends on what you want to do. Good luck with your choices!

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