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Fondation Lea Roback


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The mission of the Lea Roback Foundation is to promote education as a means of self-fulfilment and emancipation for all, as well as to provide financial assistance to women who are economically disadvantaged and active in their community, and who wish to pursue their education.

Every year, the Foundation awards scholarships of a maximum value of $3,500 each. These are available to women only. 

The eligibility criteria are in line with the spirit and notion of perpetuating the ideals cherished by Lea Roback, as a trade unionist and a feminist.

The candidate seeking a Foundation scholarship must thus:

  • pursue studies at any level from literacy up to the completion of an undergraduate degree;
    • not have a university undergraduate degree that is recognized in the Province of Quebec: Applicants studying for a second undergraduate degree, a master's degree or a doctorate are not eligible.
  • require financial assistance;
  • be socially committed in their community;  
  • pursue studies geared towards improving their condition in life and that of their milieu;
  • live in the Province of Québec and be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident (immigrant) or a refugee;  
  • not have a university undergraduate degree that is recognized in the Province of Quebec.

In addition to its regular scholarships, in 2012, the Foundation created two new specific scholarships to honour the memory of two great friends of the Foundation.

The Madeleine Parent Scholarship will be awarded to a candidate who is pursuing her studies in sociology, political science or industrial relations. 

The Hélène Pedneault Scholarship will be awarded to a candidate whose academic interests lie in literature, theatre, feminist studies, journalism, communication or environment studies. 

Each of these $2000 scholarships could be in addition to or not, whichever is applicable, a scholarship that is awarded by the Foundation in accordance with its customary rules.

The candidates who apply for these two scholarships may pursue either college or university-level studies. 

The general eligibility criteria shall apply. 

The application form must be sent to the Foundation no later than April 1, 2021. 

It is mandatory to fill the form. All questions must be answered.

Candidates who have previously received a scholarship from the Foundation must send in a new complete updated application, as well as a certificate from the educational institution that indicates the courses that were taken during the year that they received said scholarship.

The scholarships that are awarded must be used during the 2021-2022 academic year.

The Foundation will communicate its decision to each candidate no later than june 15, 2021. 

The scholarship will be disbursed after the candidate has registered in a recognized educational institution. Confirmation of the foregoing must be sent to the Foundation no later than August 20, 2021.

How to fill out the form

This computer form must be completed in one session. Therefore it is important to have the following documents saved in pdf and ready for attachment before you start filling the form.

1. a detailed curriculum vitae (two pages maximum);

2. two recent reference letters, dated and signed by people who are active in women’s groups, community organizations, unions, co-operatives, daycares, or educational institutions, who specifically attest to the candidate’s social commitment, but who also describe her personal qualities and her plans for studying or returning to school, a maximum of one page per letter;

3. a letter in which the candidate explains why she wants to pursue her chosen studies (a maximum of two pages);

The application form must be sent to the Foundation no later than April 1st, 2021.

Involvement in the community means to be socially active such as personal commitment to community life and/or contribution to the common good.