IUVSTA anniversary in Geneva: registration for the event in the Globe

IUVSTA has decided to celebrate its 60th anniversary for 1 year in different IUVSTA conferences around the world from EVC-15 (June 2018) to IVC-21 (July 2019). The objective is both to promote IUVSTA activities and increase its visibility to the participants of its conferences as well as to meet in a friendly atmosphere and exchange between generations working for IUVSTA.

The first celebration of this anniversary will take place in Geneva (CH)  on 18 June 2018, in link with the EVC-15 conference (managed by the VST Division).

Current and former IUVSTA Officers, Councilors and Chairs of Committees and Scientific Divisions are kindly invited to a special afternoon session with 4 plenary lecturers as well as to an evening reception at the Globe of Science and Innovation near the CERN where 2 additionnal talks are scheduled.

All information for participating at EVC-15 at www.evc15.org.

On behalf of the organization committee

Anouk Galtayries, IUVSTA President-Elect


The participation is free for all IUVSTA past or present officers, councillors & alt. councillors, committee chairs, division chairs both at the Monday afternoon session at EVC-15 and at the evening session in the Globe of Science and Innovation.
If participating, will you be accompanied for the evening session ?

Thank you for submitting your answers. We are looking forward to meeting you in June 2018 at Geneva (CH). If your submission is successful, the EVC-15 web site will be displayed on your screen.

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