IHE Imaging Taskforce - Questionnaire for Users

Several  Imaging  platforms (sharing images and reports at the national or regional levels among several healthcare providers) are deployed in European countries.

The Imaging taskforce of IHE EU-Affairs would like to collect information, best practices and feedbacks from those projects but also from vendors deploying integrated solutions. Indeed the deployment of Imaging platform is a complexe matter and the needs of sharing best practices are one of the key elements for the success of those projects.
As a project dedicated on imaging and healthcare platform, you implement one or several products that are part of a solution supporting your Imaging platform  and answer  your business cases. We would like to ask you to fill the following form. The Imaging taskforce will gather all the collecting information that will be synthetized in a report that we want to be published on the IHE website.

Feel free to answer anonymously.

This questionnaire is under the rules of IHE-Europe Privacy Policy. See https://www.ihe-europe.net/sites/default/files/2018-10/IHE%20Privacy%20P...

Please fill the form before October, 31st 2020.

Contact: Karima.bourquard@ihe-europe.net 


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