How do you use OSI SAF products ?


Thank you very much for taking some time to complete this form. Your answers will be very helpfull to carry on OSI SAF operational production of key parameters of the ocean-atmosphere interface. Filling this form should take you about 15 minutes.

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If needed, have a look at the product list on
If possible specify the product identifier or detailed name.
Yes, and I found what I was looking forYes, but I did not find what I was looking forNo
Product User Manual
Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document
Scientific Validation Report
Primary usageSecondary usageI do not have this usage
As input for a model (forcing, assimilation)
To validate model simulations
As input for a process study
As input for a climate study
As input for a marine biology application or study
As input for an environmental application or study
In a user service
To generate statistics
To generate images

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