Heptapod Interest and Support

Thank you for your interest in Heptapod, the code name for the friendly fork of GitLab CE™ that enables Mercurial support.

In order to organize the Heptapod community, we'd be glad if you could spend a few minutes and answer a few questions about your interest and how you would be able to participate. All Answers are optional (but the contact email).

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About yourself
Please fill in the name of the organization you're working for in the context of your interest for Heptapod. Simply leave it blank if your interest is personal, or if you don't want to disclose it (yet).
Please enter here an estimate of the number of persons that work for your organization. In the case of Free / Open Source communities, an estimate of the number of regular contributors is appropriate.
Community engagement
Tell us a bit more about how you're planning to use Heptapod
Funding Heptapod
Adding Mercurial support to GitLab is a significant effort and you might be willing to put some money on the table to help make it get to conclusion. This could be done either by directly funding the development effort or by taking part in the surrounding ecosystem. If this applies to you, please let us know some more about it.
Besides hosting Mercurial repositories, which of these features are of special relevance to you ?
If you have others question or feedback you would like to share with us.

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