Hack the new EU Commission - 07 September


07 September at Mundo B, Rue d'Edimbourg 26, Brussels


This Fall, a new set of commissioner-candidates will be nominated by EU governments to become members of the new EU Commission. Many of them will be practically unknown to the EU public.

The only hurdle they will have to cross is the vetting process by the European Parliament which will take place in September and October.


If approved, these candidates will take over key roles that can steer the EU policy for the next five years.

This hackathon will be an opportunity to come together to explore the profiles of these new commissioners and their overall suitability for their portfolio.


There are many questions we can try to answer, including: 

 - Do the candidates have any conflicts of interest?

 - What are their stances on key issues (for instance, migration, climate action, tax avoidance)?

 - What is their background?


These are just a few examples.  We will surely find new stories, deeper analysis and maybe even create new projects. Hopefully this will also contribute to a deeper scrutiny of the new EU Commission.


When: 07 September at 10 am until 11 pm

Where: Mundo B , Rue d’edimbourg 26 Brussels

Bring your laptops and your curiosity, we will provide the space (with two gardens for breaks), food and drink.

We have limited places, so the sooner your register, the most likely you can join.

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