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Freedom not Fear 2020: Submission form

In 2020, the community behind Freedom not Fear voted Biometric Mass Surveillance as the focus of its 10th edition. While this year’s FNF is limited by a shorter schedule duration and a lack of physical dimension, Freedom of Fear maintains its community – based nature.


While not limited to, we invite proposals guided by the following questions:

  • What is the EU doing about biometric mass surveillance?

  • What is the role of local authorities (Mayors, Local council) in stopping the spread of biometric mass surveillance?

  • How can we talk about biometrics mass surveillance beyond the digital rights bubble?

  • What are the best tools activists can use to draw attention to and influence a local/EU ban on biometric mass surveillance?

Proposals should follow one of the following session types.

1. Inform

2. Organise

3. Act


The deadline to send in a session suggestion is 26 October. 


Read more about this year's call for sessions in the .PDF file attached.


Fichiers attachés: 
1 Who are you? 2 What's your idea for an FNF session? 3 Just making sure.. 4 Terminé
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