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Expression of interest: expanding Software Heritage

Software Heritage architecture

A large amount of source code has already been ingested into the Software Heritage archive, notably from GitHub, Gitlab and Bitbucket. We need now to address the long tail of all the diverse software development platforms that are used for publicly available source code.

To this end the Software Heritage modular architecture relies on listers, specialized adapters that allow Software Heritage to obtain the list of all software projects (usually represented as individual repositories or packages) present on a given platform, and possibily the list of them that have changed since the last visit.

Thanks to a grant from the Sloan Foundation, we have funds to support the development of a few listers, and we are calling experts to express their interest in participating in this effort.

If you are an expert in one of the platforms listed below and would like to be funded to extend the coverage of the Software Heritage archive to encompass them, please let us know by completing the form.

Where can we contact you?
What are the code hosting platform technologies that you are expert in?
What are the version control systems whose internals you know deeply?
You are expert in some code hosting platforms and technologies not listed above? Let us know!
What are the package formats and archives, whose technologies you are expert in?
You are expert in some package manager or archives not listed above? Let us know!
What are the software distributions whose technologies you are expert in?
You are expert in some distribution not listed above? Let us know!
You are an expert in some of the technologies mentioned above, but we might not know (yet). Enter a URL that points to a place where we can find more information about you and your relevant expertise.
You are known in your community with a nickname better than with your name? Here you can tell us!
Anything else you would like to let us know? Please note it here.

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