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Discover and live-test the Nature4Cities platform

The Nature4Cities platform ( ) is a one stop-shop that provides kowledge and assessment for Nature Based Solutions. N4C results and tools can therefore help you creating, assessing and implementing your NBS projects.
We invite you to come and discover the Nature4Cities platform and its first results then to test it in live with our direct support and finally to share your feedbacks.
The session will be devided in the four following parts :
1- First, the Nature4Cities platform, tools and results will be presented.
2- Secondly, our field-test activity results will be presented as testimonials and feedbacks coming from our pilot cities
3- Thirdly, you will have the opportunity to test our platform and assessment tools by yourself with our live support and to share with us your feedbacks and first feelings.
4- Finally, a presentation and discussion about the N4C's business model will be launched to determine together what the future of Nature4Cities platform could look like

This session is for NBS community stakeholders, environmental engineers, municipalities, urban planers, researchers and students who are looking for tools and support to developp their NBS projects.

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