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Contribution form

Preliminary note:
This form is to express interest in contributing to the Global Forum on Democratizing Work. This contribution form is not a registration form. 
Please register here.

The Global Forum on Democratizing work will take place from 5-7 October. Each day will focus on one of the three principles contained in the manifesto: 5 October (Democratize), 6 October (Decommodify), 7 October (Decarbonize). 

There are three varieties of proposal you may submit to the upcoming Global Forum on Democratizing Work via the tabs below:

(1) a proposal for a partially (3 speakers) or fully (4 speakers) formed panel;
(2) an individual contribution (work or a publication to be included in a panel);
(3) a book to be discussed.

Please note that you will need to submit 1 form per contribution. 

Take your time to review everything before you press submit. 
If you have any doubts, see the FAQs here.

You will be notified via email if your submission is accepted.

We encourage contributions from young scholars, women and historically marginalized groups.

Following a suggestion from a signatory of the DW manifesto not to use Google Forms, we are using this open-source website to collect contribution proposals. We have received feedback that it is not the most user-friendly, we appreciate your patience and we will come back with an alternative solution next year.

1 Personal information 2 General information 3 Your proposal 4 Final steps 5 Vue d'ensemble 6 Soumis
This is to ensure diversity in roundtables, panels and discussions
This helps us understand the best way to address you.
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