Consultation on French education abroad - Families outside the network

Potential players of the french education network abroad, it is very important to get you joining the collective brainstorming through the questionnaire below.

We have chosen to let express yourself through several open answers.


Estimated time to complete the questionnaire: 5 to 15 minutes according to your answers.

We advise you to complete this questionnaire from a computer. Do not forget to send your answers before leaving the page. We remind you that your answers are anonymous.


Thank you very much for your contribution.

Should you have any questions regarding this questionnaire or the mission, please do not hesitate to write us at the following address:  

If you prefer, the questionnaire is available:

in Spanish :

in French :



Fichiers attachés: 

Where do you live ?

1. Following the French education programme
2. Learning the French language
3. Following a French education
Ideas for the future

In the 3 types of French education model, in your opinion, does your country’s offer match the demand ?

Compared to the education system in the country where you live and other international schools, please state the importance for you of each of the advantages of sending your child to a school in the French education network ?

Would you be in favour of a more ambitious policy from France to develop French-speaking options in public or private high schools in your country of residence, with a view to obtaining the French baccalaureate and its local equivalent, in line with existing programmes in Germany (Abibac), Spain (Bachibac) or in Italy (Esabac)?

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