CCI course Spring 2019

Booking form for the co-counselling course in Bristol Apr-Jun 2019.

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Please fill in this form as honestly as you can. Most questions are optional; only the ones with red asterisks are essential. All information will be kept confidential by the training team.

If there is anything you want to chat about (or if you need to book without using this form) email cocosquirrel at riseup dot net or phone Lucy 07519 270422.

We usually arrange to meet or phone all applicants before the course. This is just a brief conversation to answer any questions and find out a bit more about your interest in doing the course. We don't normally need to do this if you've come to a taster session.
How would you like people to refer to you? eg she, he, they, or another preference
These prompts may help: What is happening for you right now? What would you like to change? What obstacles do you wish to overcome?

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