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Adhesion to ADEPS


Here is the adhesion form to the association of doctoral and post doctoral students of the ENS Paris-Saclay.

Fill in your information to adhere to the ADEPS.


1 Début 2 Terminé
(number of your office at the ENS, ex 0Z31)
The association has a dedicated WhatsApp group. If you want to join the group, leave your phone number!

To be able to organize events and keep the association running, we ask for a contribution from our future members.

The amount of this contribution is 5 euros. Once you have contributed, your adhesion lasts for the time of your doctoral or post doctoral contract.

The rules of procedure of ADEPS.

The rules of procedure of ADEPS (règlement intérieur) are joined to this form (click the link just before the beginning of the form). Alternatively, they are available on the ADEPS website at the following address:

If you have any question concerning this form or the association, feel free to contact a member of the ADEPS board.

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